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Welcome to GFS Storm Shelters, a subsidiary of Godwin Formwork Solutions.


GFS Storm Shelters builds both custom and standard storm shelters to fit your shelter needs. We have invested more than 15 years of commercial construction expertise and commitment into designing safe and reliable custom tornado and storm shelters. From underground (drive-over) garage units to patio-top models to above-ground stationary and extending safe rooms, new construction or existing properties, commercial or residential, we expertly engineer, manufacture and install to accommodate any size or location.


Whether you want a shelter or safe room for 2 or 1,000+, in-ground or above-ground, we offer both standard and custom-built storm shelters.   Our team of safety experts are standing by to review and explain your shelter options, and help you decide which solution works best for your home, family, and budget.


When quality and reliability matters, you can count on GFS Storm Shelters to keep you and your family safe.


News and Tips from GFS Storm Shelters

Fall is the Perfect Time to Purchase a Storm Shelter

Fall is the prime time to build a storm shelter or safe room as it is prior to the challenging winter weather and the tornado season. In the southern US 50% of all tornadoes occur between the months of April and June.   You Can Survive a Tornado: Take Responsibility! People should assume the worst will happen when…

Storm Warning Terminology: What Different Warnings Mean

Knowing there is a storm warning or chance of severe weather can bring anxiety to anyone. While it’s important to make sure you’re prepared in advance for a potential tornado, it’s also important you know the differences between the types of storm warnings issued.   The National Weather Service issues different severe local storm warnings…

How Strong is the Tornado? Understanding the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale

There are many levels of tornado strength and intensity as seen here on the EF scale. The Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale was devised by a panel of meteorologists and engineers convened by the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University, including the Weather Channel’s severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes who determined the revised wind speed ranges.  Since 2007, these…